re: "growing the Pants community" - I'm interested...
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re: "growing the Pants community" - I'm interested in opinions and thoughts of something like this for Pants. FastApi's Github ticket creation starts off with this template. About half way though, there is a commitment to help. I don't know how effective or off-putting it is to other people, but I'm wondering if it's worth having a very slim equivalent on the Pants bug issue creation?
Not quite a "commitment" but maybe a call to action? Or request for action? Or just any indication that there is IMMENSE community value in paying it forward to even a small degree?
It might work, but I'm of the personal opinion that if you have to point this out you already lost. The person, unless super new to the coding universe, should already know this / be bothered by it slightly or else they simply aren't.
Also even if that help doesn't necessarily result in a PR: • correcting documentation issues • sharing cool gists • sharing quality-of-life-hacking aliases • commenting on other tickets with reproduction issues • Starring good questions/answers on StackOverflow • etc I could add about 20 other thoughts there
should already know this / be bothered by it slightly or else they simply aren't.
I wholeheartedly, but respectfully, disagree John. While there is a large community of people who will do "this" (contribute) by default, the segment of people who don't contribute shouldn't be ignored under the assumption that they're just that way. I know I don't contribute to a lot of projects I use, or bug request on, because -I- don't see the value in certain tasks - whereas the project itself might find some value. I work with a ton of devs, in multiple industries and seniorities who feel similarly... As in, "if I can't contribute production code, there's no point", but that's flawed logic and I openly acknowledge it. To point out an example we've done here in Slack - we occasionally ask/remind the community to star Pants on Github. It's a call to action with minimal burden, but it's not the default behaviour for everyone 🤷
Heh, yeah. That happens to be a call to action I disagree with too!
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I agree with SJ. Also, just by naming more ways to be helpful we can catalyze some people, especially ones who don't recognize that their contribution in that way would be desired. Some people have been conditioned by other open source projects that there are things that mere plebes contribute and there are things that only the elite members of the community may presume to know enough to stick their nose in. Whereas Pants community has unusually little of the latter.
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Heck, if you're coming from something like Bazel you've probably been pretty well conditioned to have low expectations re acceptance of PRs if you don't work at the sponsor company. We have opportunity to benefit from contradicting unspoken expectations ported in from elsewhere that are inapplicable here.