Hi there, when using `pants generate-lockfiles` wi...
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Hi there, when using
pants generate-lockfiles
with poetry backend, how can I resolve the dependencies for multiple platforms in requirements.txt? Specifically I find that the lockfile, which is generated from linux by other team mate, is missing a few hashes that are needed on m1, causing the build to fail. Not sure if I have done anything obviously wrong here. Thanks!
There is not much we can do there. The pex backend should support that case well, but if you need to stick with Poetry, the 1st thing to check is if the m1 wheels are in the Poetry lockfile. If they are, the problem is just with
poetry export
which we use to gen the lock.
Thanks for the tip. I'll let you know if pex resolver could fix the issue. The last time I tried though, it confused the dependabot because it generates a non-compliant format in the lockfile. Not sure how to deal with in this case. However I'd be open to pex resolver if the situation has changed.
Well, pex has
pex3 lock export
to do the same thing and get a requirements.txt out. BUT Pants adds a non-valid comment header to the Pants Pex lockfiles, so you 1st need to strip the comment lines off before you ask Pex to export the lock 😕
As an alternative, you may be able to
./pants export
which will export venvs and then in your main venv
pip install pip-audit
and go from there. As I understand it. pip-audit can work with venv contents as well as requirements.txt
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