I just read this article from Proton - I wanted to...
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I just read this article from Proton - I wanted to quote dope snippets from it, but I'd basically be copying/pasting the whole article. I've already forwarded it to a few clients where we're discussing pros/cons of polyrepo vs monorepo. https://proton.me/blog/engineering-polyrepo-monorepo
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Really nice discussion of the git migration.
The migration is great, but some of the comments in there re: problems, and unexpected wins was particularly useful. I've always done polyrepos, and they've always had this "thing" I never liked, but couldn't really elaborate. I think it's the silos (and overhead). I still typically keep my protobuf code in a separate repo, but otherwise, I'm monorepo'ing as well as possible, since modern tooling makes it sooooo much easier to manage
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I'll soon give talks in PyCon KR and PyCon JP (both in October) about my experience on mono-repo migration of Backend.AI with Pants. I'll also share the decks (English version for PyCon JP) once available!
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Thank you! That will be great. I look forward to hearing the talk. Good luck in October! Feel free to DM me details so we can promote it beforehand.