Seeing some weird exit code when running `./pants ...
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Seeing some weird exit code when running
./pants test
on circleci:
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18:57:59.48 [ERROR] Completed: Run Pytest - src/api/views/ failed (exit code -9).
Is this an OOM error? I would have thought we wouldn’t hit it since we are using a 4core circleci docker executor with 8GB ram (and I haven’t changed the pants resource limits at all)
Yes, that's the OOMKiller when on Linux. If you know no human ran kill -9.
Keep in mind, the OOMKiller kills a process partially at random when memory is low based on a somewhat obscure algorithm. That process may or may not be the primary memory offender. It could be another or combination of processes.
is there a way to output pants’ memory usage?
jk found it