Hello, I have an issue I can't really pinpoint yet...
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Hello, I have an issue I can't really pinpoint yet. If I add a new py file in my project and repackage my lambda zip file, the file isn't there. I can see the dependency by doing a
pants dependencies --transitive the lambda_target
pants package
doesn't bring it in. If I
rm -r dist/
pkill pantsd
and repackage, the file is finally added. Do I miss something? I'm not sure how to diagnose that kind of issue.
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hm, that is definitely surprising.
you’re not missing anything: that sounds like a definite bug, so if you’re able to reproduce it we’d really like an issue reported against Pants for it
it’s particularly strange the
./pants dependencies --transitive
showed the dep, but that
didn’t pick it up… so that might be a key part of a repro for this.
yes, it's difficult to reproduce as when it's fixed, I don't really have a way to spot that again. So, what would be interesting to do when it happens? I'm guessing some commands with
pants dependencies --transitive
pants package
Just the steps and target definitions to reproduce would be amazing... if someone else isn't able to reproduce, then that's when the log will come into play