Hi all! I'm testing Pants with our Python project ...
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Hi all! I'm testing Pants with our Python project and we have an internal pypi repository that needs authentication to access. I don't want to add the credentials to pants.toml, of course, so the question is if there is a way to refer to environment variables from there? Or do I have to send the repo URL on the command line every time?
All(?) configuration you can do in pants.toml you can also do through CLI flags or env variables. Instead of
in pants.toml you can use
for example.
Ah, yes, I somehow missed that. Thanks!
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It's amazing how one can browse the docs until the eyes dry out and still miss something as on point as this! 🙂 Thanks!
It's part of the challenge with docs: when you have too much, it's easy to miss stuff. When you don't have enough, it's not clear how to do niche stuff like this. So, we've been trying with Pants 2.0+ to take an additional approach of making Pants easier to intuit so we need fewer docs over all. Still some ways to go!