Hi Folks I've noticed Javascript/typescript suppo...
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Hi Folks I've noticed Javascript/typescript support is on the roadmap. I think there was some discussion about getting the linters and formatter support in first. Could someone please let me know how this is progressing and any rough idea when we can expect to see some releases 🙂 ? As always thanks for making this tool and helping out the community through this slack!! Greatly appreciated!
It's not in an official release yet, but there is Prettier support in the source branch for JS: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/tree/main/src/python/pants/backend/javascript/lint/prettier There is an upcoming idea of targetless formatters which would let something like this run basically anywhere
@bitter-ability-32190 has been making really exciting progress towards that 🙂
We're very close. Just one big
refactor away (and a handful of little ones)
Ah nice. Thanks guys!
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