Not sure if it's a bug or not.... In jvm you need ...
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Not sure if it's a bug or not.... In jvm you need to use
heavily to fix transitive dependencies conflicts. That brings the idea of grouping several jvm_artifacts together to form
working groups
(groups of artifacts that 100% have no conflicts and can work nicely together) Based on pants documentation here - "*target* ...This can be used as a generic "bag of dependencies", i.e. you can group several different targets into one single target so that your other targets only need to depend on one thing...." But if I try to include empty target in the dependencies of
I get this:
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ClasspathSourceMissing: No JVM classpath providers (from: CompileScalaSourceRequest, CoursierFetchRequest, DeployJarClasspathEntryRequest, JvmResourcesRequest) were compatible with the combination of inputs:
  * src/main/scala/com/testingzone/test:test    (target)
Should this be logged as issue? Or there is a better way of grouping scala/java dependencies and then using them? P.S: As a temporary workaround I created folder with empty package object
and defined dependencies like this:
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    name = "fs2",
    sources = ["package.scala"],
    dependencies = [
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