Is there a way to see the generated `` fil...
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Is there a way to see the generated
file from the
target? I tried
but nothing I saw had the
in it. I’m just experimenting with some changes and it’d be easier to inspect the file than rebuild and reinstall
What I’ve done in the past is to
./pants package <dist target>
then unzip the wheel from the dist folder for inspection..
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I’m interested in generating a
file, instead of the
, so I’d like to be able to see the generated file as I work through some changes in pants itself. That way I can get to understand what pants is doing by making sure I understand the changes 🙂
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find /private/var/folders/zj/p64fbz8d6nd6st_w625_cf7r0000gq/T -iname ''
find /private/var -regex '.*pants-sandbox.*setup\.py' 2>/dev/null || true
should work
Pants prints out the path to every sandbox, it should be possible to see from that log which is the relevant one?
Sorry, that
incantation did … find… the file. I didn’t see that path in the output, but I’ll check again on Monday 🙂
OK, can confirm that the sandbox is listed, the task is
Run setuptools.build_meta for <target>