Hi guys, I'm finding pants hangs on the `Building ...
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Hi guys, I'm finding pants hangs on the
Building manage.pex with...
step, but I'm not getting any logging to figure out which package is causing the issue. Is there any way to enable logging for this?
Try running with
(and possibly with
to examine the hanging process)
Thanks Benjy. Unfortunately that didn't work. Needed to comment out dependencies until I found out what the issues was.
What was it?
One way to figure this out is to use
(or its successor,
, depending on your Pants version) and then cd to the sandbox directory and run the process manually (using
For some reason, the new version of this package caused installing dependencies to never finish. But a regular pip install did work. https://pypi.org/project/sidekick-agent-python/0.0.10
I wonder if this is because we’re using an older version of pip, that is missing some performance enhancements.
Which pants version is this?
And are you using a pex lockfile?