Just wondering, for tools that generate reports (c...
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Just wondering, for tools that generate reports (coverage-py, mypy, etc.) by aggregating individual result files of selected targets, is there a way to define subsets of the targets for which to generate these reports? The point is to both feed as many targets to Pants at once to take advantage of the execution engine, and also generate aggregated reports with sensible target scope. For example, when testing two independent projects simultaneously, it's easy to identify and relocate the individual test result files in ./dist/test/reports, but the coverage report in ./dist/coverage/python will have both project's tests results in it, so a copy must be made and relocated for each individual project, and this will be confusing to an outside reviewer who will wonder why project Y is in project X's coverage report.
I can’t think of such a way at the moment, but interesting use-case!
Could use some design thought for srue