Has anyone tried to run a pex from a <distroless c...
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Has anyone tried to run a pex from a distroless container?
Their python image is still marked as experimental for the foreseeable future, but I despise how big python docker containers are.
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$ pex cowsay -c cowsay -o cowsay.pex --venv
$ docker run --rm -it -v $PWD/cowsay.pex:/cowsay.pex <http://gcr.io/distroless/python3-debian11|gcr.io/distroless/python3-debian11> /cowsay.pex 'Moo!'
Emulate Docker CLI using podman. Create /etc/containers/nodocker to quiet msg.
| Moo! |
       (__)\       )\/\
           ||----w |
           ||     ||
Yup, I just got nearly that far too! Running into this though
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Examined the following interpreters:
1.) /usr/bin/python3.9 CPython==3.9.2

No interpreter compatible with the requested constraints was found:

  A distribution for hidapi could not be resolved for /usr/bin/python3.9.
  Found 1 distribution for hidapi that do not apply:
  1.) The wheel tags for hidapi 0.12.0.post2 are cp38-cp38-manylinux2014_x86_64, cp38-cp38-manylinux_2_17_x86_64 which do not match the supported tags of /usr/bin/python3.9:
  ... 661 more ...
which is a little surprising because I have a constraint of python>=3.8,<3.10 in
and the pex lockfile says there's a distribution for the version of that package
If you don't have 3.9 on the host, the PEX won't have 3.9 wheels in it. When that PEX gets run on a machine without 3.8, boom.
Yup, was just about to type that up. Thanks for confirming
The ICs aren't magic. You must have interpreters to fit the range if you want to satisfy the range on other machines,
You can get 3.9 wheels in using --platform or --complete-platform if that's needed.