:mega: You may notice we've started asking that s...
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📣 You may notice we've started asking that some threads be moved over to GitHub Discussions. The reason is to make sure especially useful conversations can be easily found by others via search engines. Pants is on Slack's free tier, which expires most messages after 90 days. Slack is ideal for casual chat, and we encourage you to keep on posting questions to either Slack or Discussions. If we ask you to move something over to Discussions, don't worry — you didn't post in the "wrong" place! We just felt that particular conversation would be too broadly useful for it to just disappear into the Great Slack Void in a few weeks.
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(And if we don't ask you to move a conversation over to GitHub Discussions, that doesn't mean we consider it a "dumb" question or unwanted feedback! Far from it. We genuinely appreciate hearing from you, helping you, and discovering how to improve the project. We're just picking a small subset of threads to hold on Discussions, keeping most right here to minimize disruption to the Slack's overall flow.)