one of the most confusing (as a python beginner to...
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one of the most confusing (as a python beginner too) aspect of trying to grok pants is how the mixin/dependency injection works, and knowing what i can “request” in the conrext of writing a goal/rule — are there any (heh…), uhm — rules around that behaviour? how do i set myself up for success as a first time pants plugin developer?
yea, that definitely takes some getting used to.
the actual extension points for plugins are `@union`s: so if you want to write a plugin, you’ll generally be implementing a member of a
(not “creating a `@union`”: just “implementing a `@union`”)
🤔 — yeah, i’ve been reading most of thr conceptual parts of the docs — but probably takes a couple of good thorough reads before just getting 10% of it to stick 😂
thanks for the pointers
It would be really useful to raise your initial questions from reading it, rather than just trying to sort it out alone. Hearing how a novice interprets it, and what would benefit from further clarification, can help the team improve that doc for you and everyone else too,
Also, for discoverability, the cli help has rather comprehensive information about the various rules and api types as well.
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╰─❯ ./pants help SyntheticTargetsRequest

`pants.engine.internals.synthetic_targets.SyntheticTargetsRequest` api type

Union members of the `SyntheticTargetsRequest` should implement a rule returning an instance
of a `SyntheticAddressMaps`.

activated by : pants.engine.internals.synthetic_targets
union members: PythonSyntheticLockfileTargetsRequest

Include API types and rules dependency information by running `./pants help-advanced pants.engine.internals.synthetic_targets.SyntheticTargetsRequest`.
./pants help api-types
gives a long list of stuff.. 😛
Yeah the API is very powerful, but with great power comes great inscrutability, at the moment… We want to write more docs/guides/examples for this, when we have the time and resources
Sorry it’s been a grind
@curved-television-6568: ah, yea! those are great. i’m not sure that the docs mention them
you’re right, we’ve likely overlooked that part 😅
thanks for adding that.
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If that's not in the docs, would someone please open a ticket to add it? That's a heck of a tip.
It'd also make a nice blog post, if anyone is interested in promoting that tip further.