hi all, maybe a stupid question, but I’m using `ex...
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hi all, maybe a stupid question, but I’m using
to execute maven to build a jar, works perfectly. then, that jar needs to go inside of a
(because I then need my python code to upload it somewhere on demand). pants says I should use a
for that. But the
target only accepts source files. Is there any way I can make the outputs of a previous target into the inputs of the
Not today, no (not without a plugin). IMHO this is Pants' most glaring feature deficiency (that we force clients to choose between file/resource at declaration site, and not at consumption site. Therefore for everything we make that could represent a file target ALSO needs to have a resource counterpart). It's something I have a proposal to move us away from, but other than that a plugin is your best bet
thank you very much!
if you’d write a plugin, what exactly would the plugin do here?
Also, is there any reason why you would be unable to use the Pants JVM support?
(I’d like to better understand the need to run Maven.)
the maven build is quite complex and given by the framework
“quite complex” is overstated. it’s just already prepared with external dependencies etc.
awesome, thank you
I am hoping to take a hard look at experimental_shell_command very soon, for exactly this sort of thing
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In fact, @ancient-vegetable-10556 is taking a look, so cc’ing him here for reference to this use-case