how can i dynamically add a dependency to a target...
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how can i dynamically add a dependency to a target based on a particular fields value? .. i may add that these targets are generated by a
… and i’m looking at
— but after digging a little bit i’ve not found what i need — i think i need to do something like this … but there’s something i’m not fully understanding yet here i think in terms of how the sausage is made …
this would be adding dependency inference. It should be irrelevant that their generated targets, it's the same API
what version of Pants are you on? I think the API changed a little in 2.14
2.14 — ah, of course — i see what you mean
i made it work in my goal rule — i’m fairly certain i can make it work through dependency inference as well 👍 — thanks for the pointer
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cool let us know if you have questions 🙂
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