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11/15/2022, 12:21 AM
I may have found a bug with multi-stage docker builds. I converted a single stage docker build into a multistage build, and at that point Pants failed to resolve file dependencies that I explicitly included.
docker build
on the other hand has no complaints. The single stage build works under Pants as well
I'll repro in a sec. The tl;dr though is to create a git repo with a BUILD file and a go.mod and go.sum for this repo as a git submodule. Then you can try to break the following Dockerfile out into a Go build stage and a Go deploy. It will fail once you multi-stage it and succeed before.
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FROM golang:1.16-alpine
WORKDIR /build
COPY submodule-root/cmd/prom-aggregation-gateway/*.go ./
COPY go.* ./
RUN go build -o /prom-aggregation-gateway
WORKDIR /build
# Pants seems to have a bug where it cannot properly deal with multi-stage builds, so do this for now
RUN rm -rf /build
ENTRYPOINT ["/prom-aggregation-gateway"]
Specifically create a Go 1.16 go.mod and go.sum in
and move them back out into the same directory as the BUILD file


11/15/2022, 1:13 AM
What is the pants version? 2.14 fixed this: which may be related


11/15/2022, 1:55 AM
This is 2.14.0.dev5. I'm not sure it's related to that issue. It appears to be a sandbox setup issue. Let me repro, a sec
Hmm I can't reproduce it anymore 🤷 . It was a rather strange error so I suspected my IDE edits weren't persisted to disk (even though I also checked on disk and switched from inline Docker to Dockerfile...). Fortunately it's now working in the actual target repo so problem solved for now
I really was able to flip the issue on and off it felt by undoing the two-stage change. Either a Heisenbug or a Heisenusererror
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