Hey all, new to pants and have been playing around...
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Hey all, new to pants and have been playing around with it over the last few days along with pyoxidizer. Very excited to see where this can go, my first interest is autocompletion scripts (which obviously require very fast initialisation speeds) I've created this post playing around with a very mini project. Steep learning curve moving from setup.py to tomls. Hope this post is useful to others out there
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Thanks for posting this! @wide-midnight-78598 - this is a great example use case for scie to beat (in terms of simplicity and removal of gotchas)
E.g., not having to build a wheel first…
Whoa, how did I miss this? Thanks! The PyOx wheel part is honestly as much my implementation quirk as it is anything else. There are a few more steps that could be sidetracked from Pants, but PyOx does take a while to run on its own. I think run time would be similar to scie-ish - can't recall the optimizations that PyOx does while ingesting the data, but I assume it would be similar-ish to pre-compiling a pex and jump'ing that. No evidence/proof for that statement, just thinking out loud @mysterious-horse-27364 You might have some interest in this: https://github.com/sureshjoshi/pants-plugins/tree/scie-jump which is a Pants plugin for the early-days of this: https://github.com/a-scie/jump written by John.
isn't limited to Python, but that's my use case for the moment. Plugin is also early days, as I just quickly hacked something together to help test
against some of my repos. In a day or two, there will be fewer hacks there - since I need to actually deploy a small CLI to a client, and it's one of the use cases where PyOx doesn't really work that well. Under the hood, Pants will create a
which will then get packaged into an executable
Thanks @wide-midnight-78598 will watch this space
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