Hi folks, pants users at my company are often hitt...
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Hi folks, pants users at my company are often hitting problems with installing 3rd party libraries (example errors below). However, they can actually run
pip install
to install the problematic libraries with no issue. Any suggestions?
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ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement omniduct==1.1.17
ERROR: No matching distribution found for omniduct==1.1.17
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pex.environment.ResolveError: Failed to resolve requirements from PEX environment @ /Users/user.name/.pex/unzipped_pexes/402fc598cf404ed654017be0d7c53443d79fa859.
Needed macosx_13_0_x86_64-cp-37-cp37m compatible dependencies for:
 1: importlib-metadata>=0.12; python_version < "3.8"
    Required by:
      FingerprintedDistribution(distribution=virtualenv 20.4.7 (/Users/kennethdai/.pex/installed_wheels/bb8d0ead30325881e415ac3e7cbc9080574690a5/virtualenv-20.4.7-py2.py3-none-any.whl), fingerprint='eeaf01de2c4bc1e22cee1a14fd3358ca9251c0c2')
    But this pex had no 'importlib-metadata' distributions.