This one is hard to google because it’s about punc...
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This one is hard to google because it’s about punctuation… is there a reason that pants uses
(two colons) instead of
like other similar build systems? One fewer character to type? Four dots are better than three? 😉
I honestly don’t remember, @enough-analyst-54434, does this come to mind?
No clue, but there were no similar (open) build systems on Pants birth date.
But I'm pretty sure it evolved from
separating a build file target name; so a bare
meaning any build file target name made sense; then
meaning that recursively makes further sense.
In that frame of mind,
comes out of left field.
I don't know if it was early Windows, or just DOS days - but
cd ...
would go up two directories if memory serves
I immediately assumed that
./pants lint ...
would act on a grandparent directory 🤦‍♂️
`...`is a Perforce thing. No surprise Bazel uses it
@enough-analyst-54434: a past version of you introduced the syntax in more than 10 years ago 🙂.
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Add support for : and :: syntax to select all sibling and all descendant targets, deprecate the corresponding --all and --all-recursive flags
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Aha. Yeah, : <-> sibling language makes sense. It just rolls from there.
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awesome, thanks!