Is this the right place to report documentation pr...
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Is this the right place to report documentation problems? For example, at
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interpreter_constraints = ["CPython>=3.5"]
should be
Aha, yeah. So that doc is correct, for Pants V1. You're hopefully using Pants V2. The docs for V2 are here:
OK, that explains a number of things I've encountered. Thanks for clarifying.
I’m going to look into adding a big “this is stale now” banner on the entire v1 subdomain
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Unfortunately google still surfaces it from time to time
Thanks for the heads-up @rich-kite-32423!
This is live now:
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I'm not seeing anything on safari. What are you expecting to render?
Yeah, it has somehow gone backwards!
Or, last night I was so tired that I looked at the wrong thing, but I’m pretty sure I had published it successfully
Oh, I am a dummy
And we’ve collectively forgotten how all this works…
OK, now it really is published…
Nice. That will help people like me from stumbling into the wrong place.
looks great! thanks!