Hi all, we have some optional imports (`with suppr...
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Hi all, we have some optional imports (
with suppress(...): import x
) in our codebase that are local/internal packages, which are not available in any repository. During pants test, we get warnings in the form
Pants cannot infer owners for the following imports in the target a/b/c.py: x
. We have disabled the warnings using
# pants: no-infer-dep
in the code but would like to do it centrally and are trying the
syntax as shown here. However, since
is not in the known dependencies, it does not work. Any ideas how to make it work globally instead of annotating every import?
FWIW Pants already suppresses those warnings inside a
try/except ImportError
If it makes sense in a generic way, that can be extended to use
as well (although that is tricker from an AST perspective)
import contextlib
from contextlib import suppress
ah, that just adds a few permutations to look for, right.. the logic would still be pretty straight forward.
At some point I wonder if using a Python parsing library we can build on would be easier... libCST maybe?
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(Since dep inference runs in a process, we don't need this to be a dep of Pants itself. We can download/install in the rule)
Hi, thanks for the answers, I dug in the code and see it now. For the moment we could change
with suppress()
since that is caught and maybe try to create a PR in pants for adding
At the very least, feel free to file an issue
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By the way, I was experimenting with making the script for dependency parsing configurable through a pants plugin. It's not needed just for
, I'm just trying to gain experience and maybe cover some other corner cases. What would be the recommended way to do it? Somehow overriding this rule would do the job, but I didn't find a way to do it. Defining my own equivalent rule did not work (it's ambiguous for the rule engine) and using a union as described in the documentation for custom python_artifact kwargs is not possible, because the current rule is not declared as
. Would I have to start from some higher level classes like
and wrap or derive from every class inbetween to do this?
Wrote an issue, feel free to give feedback there: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/17691
In this case, you can't really augment the rexisting rules, you'd just add another dependency inference rule which does something insanely similar. Hmm I looked but we don't have a guide for this 😞