If I have a PEX that supports `restartable=True` a...
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If I have a PEX that supports
and can hot-reload, how do I do the same when running in a docker image?
Not sure I understand the question… Can you give more details on what you’re looking to accomplish?
I'm running a FastApi + unicorn app using hot reloading. When I run this locally, I can save my code and uvicorn reloads the app without having to stop and start the process again. When I add restartable=true to my pex_build I get the same thing where my code changes are synced into the already running pex and uvicorn detects the changes and reloads in place. But when I take that same pex and put it in docker I suddenly lose hot-reloading functionality. I'll build you a sample app later tonight so you have something to run and look at, I'm sure my issue has an obvious solution somewhere.
Is your Docker instance being used for hot reloading code changes as well? And docker is monitoring your filesystem?