Is there a way to go back to the old way Pants gen...
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Is there a way to go back to the old way Pants generated the command at the top of the lockfile header? Some versions ago it was relative e.g.
./pants generate-lockfiles --resolve=my-resolve
. Recently it's become an absolute path which is quite annoying.
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That seems inadvertent. I don’t recall any decision to do so, and it wouldn’t make sense. Can you file a bug?
any change in how you invoked pants when you generated the lockfile?
may affect this as well.. but haven’t been changed in Pants for a long time either, so my hunch is that this is a change outside of Pants..
Thank you @curved-television-6568! That pointed me in the right direction. This seems to be due to the type of shell one is using. Bash indeed sets
to the value actually invoked, in our case
. Other shells, like fish (the one I'm using), converts this to an absolute path e.g.,
. In short, this is no fault of pants and it looks like we need to work around this in another way :)