I have been trying to adopt tailor for our project...
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I have been trying to adopt tailor for our project, but running into some issues configuring it. We have multiple files scattered around our monorepo that would generate targets in tailor that we don’t need. Too many to be easily configurable through
as this doesn’t seem to support glob patterns. Is there any logic to prevent tailor from generating a specific target name (e.g. python_sources / python_requirements), or if there is an option to add globs to tailor-ignore-adding-targets? I have thought about adding it to pants ignore, but pants actually needs to be aware of these files outside of the tailor context.
Subsystems often seem to offer options to control their tailor behaviour e.g. https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/reference-python#tailor_source_targets and following. Does that help?
Perfect that’s what I was looking for
it should be the case that every single specific tailor implementation can be disabled