is there a way to capture additional outputs from ...
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is there a way to capture additional outputs from
./pants test
? We want to keep the pytest-captured logging in failed tests.
or whatever sort of works, but seems heavy handed.
hm I'm surprised we don't have the
option on
, which writes output to the file rather than std{out,err}. Is that what you mean?
combined with
(the default), it would still only show failed tests
I think the teams wishes is to capture per-test logging to a file (iirc pytest can do this) as there's a lot of logging.
IIRC, pytest's JUnit XML output may include logging etc. (or, at least, has options to via
), thus maybe enabling
[test] report = true
in pants and fiddling with the pytest settings gets some of the way? (
Yeah, and some CI providers will structure the output for you, like CircleCI. Looks like in Toolchain's
we set this
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report = true
hmmm i'll look into it. we are using junit reports
junit reports will also capture stdout/stderr from pytest runs.
cheers team. sounds like a sane approach. iirc we had an issue with something truncating our Junit report output. But thats not likely going to be a pants problem