If there is anyone who wants to use `C`/`C++` in P...
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If there is anyone who wants to use `C`/`C++` in Pants, and willing to take a read through a bit of a chain here - I would like some more eyeballs on this
dependency inference question: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/17738#discussion_r1042519097 In short, would Source Roots be equivalent to
in C land?
The code itself isn't difficult, but I would like to be semantically correct before landing this
I'll just throw this 🔧 in and run away... Have you built anything on a Mac? How will this handle frameworks (which also provide headers)? They have their own search path separate from the standard header search path.
I think I've built exclusively on mac 🙂
This is all for local source code, first-party, system headers are already handled.
I've also, in a branch, built using the Catch2 header
I just remember lots of pain patching clang for Gentoo-prefix on osx. I guess I was mostly dealing with system headers, though, and I don't know how prevalent frameworks are beyond the apple sdk provided ones.
Good question - I haven't really had any system header problems in like 10 years. I guess we'll find out 🙂