is there any way to override pinned dependencies o...
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is there any way to override pinned dependencies of a third party pypi packages? There are many packages out there that just assumes we will have a small environment and pins all the dependencies. Rather than forking them or having to convince the author to relax the pinned version, it will be nice if we can have some control over them on our end
There is not. You must fork and switch to a `<project>@git+...`requirement to use your fork.
You could manually edit a lockfile I suppose?
You could, but then when the Pex runtime of a PEX built from that lock resolved what distributions to load it would say no.
That runtime does a graph walk for the current Python since the PEX might be multiplatform and that graph walk respects constraints, extras and markers.
The `--ignore-errors`flag to
when building the PEX might work around this? My own code but have not looked in a while. That was a legacy option - not mine! But I did try to honor it.
Insane layers of complexity are absolutely everywhere you look.