I briefly had a conversation with John about this,...
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I briefly had a conversation with John about this, but does anyone have concrete examples on how to package docker images within Gitlab CI? It seems to me that Pants is tightly coupled to the
binary. I can't use dind since it needs privileged access. I usually use kaniko, but that does not have the same CLI as docker. Tried Podman, but it complains about
when run from pants.
Seems that Podman also requires privileged access anyway: https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/9222
For now I'll just package my docker images in separate build steps without Pants (love the product name and the sentences it produces 😂 )
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In our case we ended up using dind but it took some work to set up
Got it, thanks Szymon. Eventually I'll probably just write an engine for Kaniko once we've evaluated Pants for our general usage