`<PYENV>` is supposed to see all the pyenv-i...
# general
is supposed to see all the pyenv-installed interpreters in the versions dir, regardless of which ones are set as the current global
I'm also having the same issue. I have a local .python-version file set to a virtual env that's using 3.11, but I have 3.9.14 installed as a version in pyenv and it's pants isn't finding it. I've only been able to get pants to work when I have pyenv global set to 3.9(.14). Regardless of the global, it does not work when I'm in a pyenv-installed virtualenv
I've also tried to set [python-bootstap] search paths to "~/.pyenv/versions/3.9.14/bin/python3.9" in pants.toml and that doesn't work either