Hey folks, what is your strategy (or recommend) fo...
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Hey folks, what is your strategy (or recommend) for using
in github actions when the same Test-Build workflow is triggered for both PRs and Push events?
I think
${{ github.event.pull_request.base.sha || github.event.before}}
is doing the job required
Do you mind sharing the pants command in github actions your running after push? I'm wanting to do something similar where after a PR has finished on merge I want to run pants commands on the changed artifacts only
I don't think
./pants --changed-since=${{ github.event.before }} publish
will work for the target selection though
that seems to work
@faint-dress-64989 if you are working on PRs then you might need to consider
as well to diff against your
branch instead
definitely not for publish thou, but it can speedup tests and checks a lot
Thanks! I should add that to my PR work flow