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01/10/2023, 8:05 PM
📣 Interested in blogging about Pants? You're welcome to pitch topics for the Pants Blog. (DM me!) We also encourage writing for your company blog or personal blog. Some topics that are particularly good:
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Tutorials! Walk people through how to solve a particular problem.
Converting your codebase from [Tool N] to Pants. For instance, Bazel, Poetry, ad hoc shell scripts, etc.
Using Pants in CI.
Case study! The team really appreciates those, by the way. It's really rewarding to hear details of how Pants is being used in the real-world to address your day-to-day challenges. When people are considering whether to try Pants, a relatable case study from an organization in the same industry as theirs can be extremely influential.
New features. Especially if you've recently contributed something to Pants, please know you are very welcome to blog all about that feature, who it's for, what use cases it addresses, how to get the most out of it, etc.
Pro tips for getting the most out of a tool that Pants supports. If you have tips about e.g. Black, Thrift, Docker, or something else Pants supports, consider blogging about that and include a passage showing how Pants superpowers that fab tool.
PEX! Whatever you're doing with it, if you find it interesting others probably will too. PEX is maintained by Pants Team and others, so we consider PEX on-topic at Pants blog and are happy to see it get more of the love it deserves.