I use pants to run django and I need to set enviro...
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I use pants to run django and I need to set environment variables when building the pex binary. PEX is able to use environment variables: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pex/issues/987. But how can I achieve this in a pants bex_binary target. I tried using 'environment' and local_environment(name="local-django-manage", subprocess_environment_env_vars=[...]), but this does not work. Is subprocess_environment_env_vars the correct field for this? Testing works fine because I can specify extra_env_vars but this does not work for running the pex file.
It is strange but running something like
./pants run django/manage.py
works but
pants run django:manage
where manage this target does not work and results in a SECRET_KEY not found error. How does the first command find my secret key (its not set in my bash environment but only in
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local_environment(name="local-django-manage", subprocess_environment_env_vars=env_vars_run_django())
For Pex #987 support, you need to wait for Pants 2.16 or use it now at 2.16.0.dev5+. Latest 2.16.x is: https://pypi.org/project/pantsbuild.pants/2.16.0.dev6/
Thanks! So the PR you linked adds functionality to package env vars inside the pex binary. This is something I don't need. I want to be able to only make the variables available when running the binary. Is there a way to define env variables for the
goal so that
pants run django:manage
builds the pex binary and then passes the environment variables not while building but during runtime. I thought
would do this but it seems to do nothing.
Ok, well https://github.com/pantsbuild/pex/issues/987 , which you linked, is what https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/17905 enables in 2.16.x I'll let someone else look at the rest of your question.
Re-reading your follow up, env vars should propagate through
pants run
with no extra effort (targets or config) on your part.
Yes, but when they are not set in my env how can I pass env vars to pants run ...some pex binary target? I want to define the env vars in a BUILD file.
You do not want either of: 1.
FOO=bar BAZ=spam ./pants run ...
2. Define a pex_binary target for normal use + define another with the
env vars sealed in You want instead ... ?
I'm sorry @happy-family-315 I'm not seeing what 3rd option you want. The only other way to configure Pants generally is via config options (as opposed to BUILD targets); so that would mean a
option to pass env vars. That's too broad a scope though since it sounds like you want to pass the env vars only to a certain
target. Options 1 & 2 cover that case.