never had to do it before, but can one specify in ...
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never had to do it before, but can one specify in the dependencies of a target that it depends on all targets in the subtree, recursively? ๐Ÿงต
say there is a directory containing a number of nested directories each containing a JSON file. There's a
target in the BUILD file in each directory. I'd like to produce a package, say, `archive`:
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archive(name="main-archive", format="tar", files=["helloworld::"])
that's illegal
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UnsupportedWildcardError: The address `helloworld::` from the `files` from the target //:main-archive ended in a wildcard (`::`), which is not supported.
Is there a way to say "include all targets in a directory, recursively"? I could do a
and get all the targets of a particular type to be placed into the
field once. However, I'd need to update that list every time a new directory with a JSON file is added.
having a
does the trick so you can depend on a single target, however, that's too coarse-grained; having both
in the subdirectory and all-covering
leads to duplicate ownership, not ideal either
Just noting this would be possible with ๐Ÿ˜‰
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