I'm hitting an error with `generate-lockfiles` on ...
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I'm hitting an error with
on a specific package publicly available via pypi (
) - I'm trying to figure out how to debug this and not having much luck. I searched slack history and other times this has come up has been around private packages, so this seems different. I have a repo up with an isolated minimal test case https://github.com/rhysyngsun/pants-lexid-test, but the short of it is
is enough to trigger it. I'll throw the stacktrace I'm getting in a threaded response to this message.
Also I've seen this under both 2.14.1 and 2.15.0rc5
oh, ok, this looks like it's actually coming from the
Nope - Pex is at fault. You can work around with "lexid>2020.1003" - the 2 older versions have wheels with
wheel tags that trip up some patching of Pip that Pex uses to perform locks: https://pypi.org/project/lexid/2020.1003/#history
I'll file a Pex issue shortly.
Actually, that doesn't work around. The parsing of links is aggressive and Pex gets tripped up anyhow. I'll be doing a Pex release today or tomorrow with another fix anyhow; so you'll have to wait on that or use a vcs URL.
yeah, neither does
seem to help
thanks! I can manage with the vcs url in the meantime, feel free to ping me if I can help test out a fix
FWICT the latest release on PyPI is
lexid @ git+<https://github.com/mbarkhau/lexid@1334ace84f67f59d93a96b9bf0a4953fb7a15da6>
@big-fall-51153 I'll give you `pants.toml`config to test out 2.1.123 as soon as I release it. The integration test will cover this well enough I'll feel confident in release 1st, have you test after.
Thanks for the report!
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Ok, that took a while! @big-fall-51153 the
config to try out the fix in your current Pants version is:
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version = "v2.1.123"
known_versions = [
Pants 2.16.x is being upgraded to Pex 2.1.123 here: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/18341
@enough-analyst-54434 I can confirm that worked (pants 2.15.0rc5)
Excellent. Thanks for testing it out.
That Pex (or newer) will be the default in Pants 2.16.x, at which point you can kill that custom config snippet.