Hello ladies, gentlemen; a few of you may remember...
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Hello ladies, gentlemen; a few of you may remember my regular streak of questions here 😇 My engagement as a Tweag consultant for Kaiko is coming to an end next week and I would like to thank everyone that helped me while I introduced Pants at Kaiko. Big shoutout to @wide-midnight-78598, @enough-analyst-54434, and @happy-kitchen-89482 🫶 I introduced Pants and we are now successfully linting, formatting, publishing, and testing our code with Pants (we even wrote our custom plugins!); however there are also friction points that remain: 1. I wasn't able to decommission the non-Pants CI, because we use pytorch and pytorch doesn't play nice with multiplatform (MacOS+Linux in our case) lockfiles. See e.g. this thread for the current solution, which I don't like 😞 I know pytorch doesn't make the life of tooling easy, but thought it was worthwhile to share. This blocked us from typechecking our code with Pants. We still do typechecking in the non-Pants CI 🤷 2. There is a choice to be made between a global requirements.txt files, for ease of Pants use; and multiple requirements.txt file, for flexibility of code writers. Kaiko had a preference for the latter, but Pants made it easier for the former; so we are currently using a global requirements.txt file. However, I believe the team did not yet fully understand the consequences, and so it may be hard to stay in this situation in the long run. @happy-kitchen-89482> I think it's worth you reach out to the Kaiko team in a few months, to see how they are doing 😉 Contact Robert Berke. To the rest of the readers, if you need some development/productivity developer/CI work with a focus on quality and excellent communication, reach out to me and Tweag! I'll stay on this Slack for the foreseeable future.
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