What's the easiest way to glob up a bunch of depen...
# general
What's the easiest way to glob up a bunch of dependencies for a target? I'd like to do something like
, but I keep getting hit with various forms of
. I'd like to avoid having to put one
really high up that globs like
if possible.
It does seem like the only way to do this is to put a sources target higher up
The specifics here is that I want a module to depend on every single protobuf in a couple directories
Alas you can't use glob syntax in
. You'd have to enumerate them if they can't be inferred.
That high-up
works, but if those sources are also owned by other targets then you have sources owned by two targets, which can introduce dep inference ambiguity
Although now that I think of it, https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/17931 might fix that, assuming the two targets are in different source roots
are generated from protos?
Yeah unfortunately we have some legacy tooling and aren’t ready to swap over to protobuf sources yet
Though even if we were, I’d still need to glob them up until I can implement something that handles the protos anonymously.