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02/19/2023, 4:17 AM
Hi! I’m evaluating Pants for a potential polyglot monorepo CI/CD solution for managing the build graph and only rebuilding what changed, inferring from git history. My main question is will I be able to use Pants also for my TypeScript projects? According to there is no built-in parsing of source files to tell granularly what changed. Would I be able to do at least a course grained per-project check? Let’s say I have two packages: a library and an app. If the lib changes, both must rebuild. If the app changes, only the app needs to rebuild. If the library changed, I want to publish to a private npm registry. If the app changed, I want to build a docker image and push to a private container registry. Is this possible and how do I 1. build/test etc the right projects? 2. publish to correct registries? a. and how do I authenticate? I’m looking to run this in GitHub Actions primarily. Thanks in advance for any incoming help! 🙏


02/20/2023, 3:12 AM
Hi! We're still working on "full" JS/TS support where everything you're talking about would happen naturally the same way it does for Python, Go, Java etc. You can set up coarse-grained project level dependencies manually, using the new
functionality, as a stopgap. @ancient-vegetable-10556 worked on that and might be able to provide some guidance. I believe he is also working on producing some examples, so this could be a great case for those.
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02/22/2023, 5:56 PM
Hello! Yes, this is a thing you’ll be able to do with
and `shell_command`; I should have examples done by the end of this week, or if not, early next week.