Hey, we use pants for our python monorepo. Some of...
# general
Hey, we use pants for our python monorepo. Some of the deps are hosted in the GCP Artifact Registry and we would like to keep it private, but for that, we need to configure auth side for pants with Username/Password, but it is not convenient (GCP requires you to use service account for that). A common approach is to use
plugin. I found an open issue on github with a link to the thread discussion (but that thread in slack is not available anymore…) https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/14928 If someone remember the context or have any input how to start development or how to make it workable, could you write in the github issue? I see that it works with
(publish goal), but no idea how to “reuse”
for generate-lockfiles/export goals. I might attempt to take the development side, but would like to chat a bit with someone to clarify how to do it better. Thank you 🙂
Hi! I am able to see that Slack thread
We can continue the conversation on that GitHub issue, but this would require (probably not small) changes to Pex first, and then (probably small) changes to Pants.