Hey all, I am trying to get a docker container of ...
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Hey all, I am trying to get a docker container of pants running (since I need to run containers in our CI). I have the docker image running and can pants command. However, I am running into some issues with the docker setup. I am getting this error consistently: `Failed to start Docker container
for image `sha256:a037112b1932d8a1e40b606c914630e9517680424b837155ee45a101c1fbb04f`: JsonSerdeError { err: Error("expected value", line: 1, column: 1) }` I think maybe my docker setup is not correct:
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env_vars = [
tools = [
Any ideas on how to get the docker to run. I am running on ubuntu:bionic
The obvious high-level suspicion comes from the placeholders. Are you sure "%(user)s" and "%(homedir)s" evaluate non-empty? I'd rule in / out the obvious there as a solid 1st debug step.
I was able to build a different docker image here. So I am not sure if the starting of the container for docker environmet and building a docker image need different things