Hi! I sometimes (reletively often) get the error b...
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Hi! I sometimes (reletively often) get the error below in CI. I hope that it is a known thing, so that I don't have to try to get the core dump, which won't be fun. It's on an Ubuntu 20.04, f it makes a difference. Most of the times it works ok, all runs are on the same machine.
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[2023-02-24T18:00:24.500Z] 18:00:24.27 [INFO] Initializing scheduler...
[2023-02-24T18:00:24.500Z] 18:00:24.46 [INFO] Scheduler initialized.
[2023-02-24T18:00:24.770Z] 2.14.1
[2023-02-24T18:00:24.770Z] Fatal Python error: PyGILState_Release: thread state 0x7f14c0001060 must be current when releasing
[2023-02-24T18:00:24.770Z] Python runtime state: finalizing (tstate=0x5409f0)
[2023-02-24T18:00:24.770Z] Thread 0x00007f14d87c7c00 (most recent call first):
[2023-02-24T18:00:24.770Z] <no Python frame>
[2023-02-24T18:00:24.770Z] bash: line 1: 35054 Aborted                 (core dumped) ./pants --version
Which Pants version? This should be fixed as of Pants 2.15.0rc7
it's 2.14.1, sorry I forgot to mention that. Ok, thanks, when is 2.15.0 scheduled?
Hopefully the next few days!
Hmm, in my CI environment I can't access the place where rc7 is installed from, is it pypi? We use a private index, and I guess they don't mirror release candidates.
I look forward the full release! Thanks!