Continuing my journey into trying to make streamli...
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Continuing my journey into trying to make streamlit applications to be built from a mac M1 into linux containers. Trying to use environments now as pointed into the discussions. Some feedback: The developer experience has been driven mostly by error messages. Like:
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ValueError: `[python-bootstrap].search_paths` is configured to use local Python discovery tools, which do not work in DockerEnvironmentTarget runtime environments. To fix this, set the value of `python_bootstrap_search_path` in the `docker_environment` defined at `//:docker` to contain only hardcoded paths or the `<PATH>` special string.
This is good but having this into the examples will avoid back and forth. Another thing is the plural hint for iterable parameters. Some parameters like
give you a hint if the value is an iterable or a simple string.
is singular but its value is an iterable. So it could be
instead. I will keep posting here any roadblocks I find.
You're encouraged to file an issue with these. And better yet, we'd love to work with you on fixing them if you're open and willing to contribute
I'm 💯 % open to do it! Someone need to spend at least one hour in a call to help me out. Very hard to figure out stuff in this initial phase without guidance
We have a development section in the docs: Also if you ever file a ticket but don't know how to start or where to go, just say so on the ticket. We're very happy to outline the changes necessary to make it easy to get going. This particular issue should be easy with our current design.
Also, I can't speak for everyone, but I think most people prefer to help out asynchronously. We're usually juggling day jobs in addition to contributing to pants and the community