is there a way to call any files that are inside o...
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is there a way to call any files that are inside of the pex binary? like running a script that access files inside of the pex bundle
context is that
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This post is packed with useful information on pex:es and docker
You can use PEX_MODULE
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PEX_MODULE=<module> (python) custom.pex
Not sure if you need python in the middle or not.
magic 1
All this magic is mentioned here
the blog post is very valid for python scripts. not for running a CLI like streamlit
assuming that the entrypoint is a python file, it works. but if the entrypoint is a module, then it gives a module not found. my limited python knowledge is not helping on this
what do you mean by file and module? In python world, module is a file.
This sounds similar to the OpenTelemetry case. @breezy-apple-27122 it would probably be best to file an issue pared down as much as possible, with links to what you're talking about. I.E.: what is a "streamlit" and what command lines are you running, etc. For reference - @famous-xylophone-36532 and I worked through this same sort of jungle here: He was kind enough to whip up an example repo demonstrating the problem.