Trying to upgrade to 2.15 + `scie-pants` , two que...
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Trying to upgrade to 2.15 +
, two questions: 1. Is there extra steps to make scie-pants not try to download things each run? Previously
ENV PANTS_SETUP_CACHE="/root/.cache/pants/setup"
./pants version
in a docker image sufficed to then have it be able to run "offline". I tried with
RUN ./
followed by the same thing (./ omitted), but no dice. Next invocation of pants still checks the fetch URL 2. Running the github action pants-init seemingly does not expose the scie-pants interpreter, as we get
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$ pants list ::
Engine traceback:
  in Map all targets to their dependents
  in Resolve direct dependencies of target - pants-plugins/extensible_markup_language/
  in Inferring Python dependencies by analyzing source
  in Find Python interpreter for constraints - CPython<3.10,>=3.9
ProcessExecutionFailure: Process 'Find interpreter for constraints: CPython<3.10,>=3.9' failed with exit code 102.

Could not find a compatible interpreter.

Examined the following interpreters:
1.) /opt/hostedtoolcache/Python/3.10.2/x64/bin/python3.10 CPython==3.10.2
2.)                                    /usr/bin/python3.8 CPython==3.8.10
3.)                                    /usr/bin/python2.7 CPython==2.7.18
for a plugin. The gha does blurt
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Bootstrapping Pants 2.15.0 using cpython 3.9.15
Installing pantsbuild.pants==2.15.0 into a virtual environment at /home/runner/.cache/nce/d036c571b74670fb7cccdb2ee973b51625c6419b29dd5e2e5390d6267b873904/bindings/venvs/2.15.0
Do I need to configure
some way for it to discover the scie-pants interpreter for plugins?