Good evening! I asked some questions a few days ag...
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Good evening! I asked some questions a few days ago about how to use other version formats than setuptools_scm, and I got the good advice to use env(). This works fine for setting the version in python_artifact, but how can I do that for a pex binary? I tried to also generate a distribution, but that's not used for the pex file. Am I missing some configuration?
Probably. Does your
target depend on the
that uses
or does it depend on
? It needs to depend on the
and only that - not the sources. You can
zipinfo -1 my.pex
to find out. You should see
entries for the
wheel and no top-level source entries for things the wheel owns.
The issue with depending on both is the top-level source entry will be 1st on
and win. It won't see the version. Only the
wheel will see that, but it will never get imported.
Another debug tool:
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PEX_VERBOSE=1 PEX_INTERPRETER=1 ./my.pex -c 'import as thing; print(thing.__file__)'
That will tell you both the sys.path the PEX set up and where it ultimately is loading your sources from - 1st party or wheel.
You might be able to get away with depending on both if and only if you use
pex_binary(.., execution_mode="venv")
since, in a venv, all the code, 1st party and 3rd, gets installed in site-packages of the venv.
Excellent, thanks! I had it almost right, but couldn't see it because I had an underscore instead of a dash in the package name... Duh!
And now I will write my first macro to set all of this up in a simpler way!
If I make the pex file depend on the distribution, it looks like I also need to add dependencies on the libraries that this app uses. Shouldn't pants be able to infer the dependencies? Or does that work only for sources?
It should be able to. Let me find the issue(s). In short, depending on
began it's life as a hack to support cython / C-extensions by letting deal with that. And the hack has never been revisited comprehensively, only moles have been whacked.
That said - the two things to ask are - why do you need the version number so badly? And, given you probably have a good reason - there are 18 ways to get it.
I see, much appreciated. The thing is that I might do weird stuff, and I don't want to send you away chasing ghosts, only to discover I forgot a comma or something :-)
I want to have the version number because we had some trouble with people installing/deploying wrong version and chasing bugs that had already been fixed in the right version. But we couldn't know which version they had.
That makes sense for a published
- it does not make as much sense for a
. The version a Pex uses in Pants is the sources as they are right now in the repo!
The version is ~the git sha.
This python distribution thing seems like it is a can of worms. What I really would be happy to have is a vcs_version that can get the version from another source. Or if the version would be part of the pex name, just like for the wheel.
Well you already have that solution staring at you.
You can
parametrize any field in a build, save for
for sanity sake, so best read up on the fields.
Oh, so I can specify the file name too, not only the path?
Thanks a lot, this will be good enough!
So that should cover things I think. In 2.16.+ you get these two new fields: So you could embed the version via
in a PEX permanent env var your PEXed code could read - say
Even better! BTW, would it be difficult to make available the 2.16 docs online?
We have a standard procedure and pace for the online docs: It looks like this was not followed for 2.16.0.dev0. I think we're inconsistent in what we do for .devX vs what the docs say - let me check in #development. That said, docs are over-rated:
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$ git diff
diff --git a/pants.toml b/pants.toml
index 0cecdef..7715879 100644
--- a/pants.toml
+++ b/pants.toml
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-pants_version = "2.15.0"
+pants_version = "2.16.0.dev7"

 backend_packages = [
And then:
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$ pants help pex_binary

`pex_binary` target

A Python target that can be converted into an executable PEX file.

PEX files are self-contained executable files that contain a complete Python environment capable of running the target. For more information, see <>.

Activated by pants.backend.python
Valid fields:

    type: Iterable[str] | None
    default: None

    Freeze these command-line args into the PEX. Allows you to run generic entry points on specific arguments without creating a shim file.


    type: Dict[str, str] | None
    default: None

    Freeze these environment variables into the PEX. Allows you to run generic entry points on a specific environment without creating a shim file.

Yes, but using the cli requires to know what I am looking for. How would I dream that there are some new fields that do what I need? Having text search helps finding info in unexpected places, or there is an overview page. Of course, for a dev release, all is not in place, but imho it's still better.
Well, we can agree to disagree there - but most people would definitely agree with you. I've raised the issue here: We have a 2.16.0a0 release this weekend; so I suspect we'll have a doc site by ~Monday either way and hopefully more clarity about why / when we cut them.
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