Hello there! I am trying to do remote caching only...
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Hello there! I am trying to do remote caching only to accelerate my pipeline, I am trying to integrate with Buildbuddy, and no matter what I try, Pants doesn't even try to do a request to the remote grpcs host. My
looks like this
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pants_version = "2.15.0"

backend_packages = [

remote_cache_read = true
remote_cache_write = true
remote_store_address = "<grpcs://remote.buildbuddy.io>"
remote_store_headers = "{'x-buildbuddy-api-key': '<token>'}"
remote_instance_name = "main"
remote_store_chunk_upload_timeout_seconds = 3600
When I add the keys for the
I see errors and stuff that actually trying to do something with the remote host, but for caching only, nothing is happening (even if I put a random
if you pass
, do you see metrics that indicate that cache reads/writes are happening?
but also: note that the local cache will generally be used first if it can be, so try with
to make it a bit clearer what is happening.
Guess the local cache was tricking me 🙂
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12:29:59.23 [INFO] Counters:  
  backtrack_attempts: 0       
  docker_execution_errors: 0  
  docker_execution_requests: 0
  docker_execution_successes: 0
  local_cache_read_errors: 0
  local_cache_requests: 0
  local_cache_requests_cached: 0
  local_cache_requests_uncached: 0
  local_cache_total_time_saved_ms: 0
  local_cache_write_errors: 0
  local_execution_requests: 30
  local_process_total_time_run_ms: 1494
  remote_cache_read_errors: 0
  remote_cache_requests: 36
  remote_cache_requests_cached: 33
  remote_cache_requests_uncached: 0
  remote_cache_speculation_local_completed_first: 3
  remote_cache_speculation_remote_completed_first: 33
  remote_cache_total_time_saved_ms: 29321
  remote_cache_write_attempts: 3
  remote_cache_write_errors: 0
  remote_cache_write_successes: 3
  remote_execution_errors: 0
  remote_execution_requests: 0
  remote_execution_rpc_errors: 0
  remote_execution_rpc_execute: 0
  remote_execution_rpc_retries: 0
  remote_execution_rpc_wait_execution: 0
  remote_execution_success: 0
  remote_execution_timeouts: 0
  remote_process_total_time_run_ms: 0
  remote_store_missing_digest: 0