Hey peeps! Just curious, will pants 2.16's local P...
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Hey peeps! Just curious, will pants 2.16's local Py make resolution of Python binary close to 'native' installs? I run Black on save for example, and have to maintain a dev env in parallel because waiting 2+ seconds just to start formatting is pretty awkward for on-save runs. Also had another issue but I'll post that later when I get to work.
Hi! Are you referring to "interpreter discovery", where Pants scans your PATH for interpreters and tests each one to find out its version? This should only happen when pantsd starts up. Are you seeing that happen on every run?
I'm not sure I ever used a daemon process 🤔 But yes, that happens on each invoke. It's painful when running fmt or lint through pants — on save at least
In general Pants performance relies a lot on pantsd
so first thing is to figure out why that's not running
is it turned off in pants.toml?
And, to be sure we're on the same context, are we talking about running natively on your laptop/dev machine? And what OS/arch is that?
The total run of 4 formatters on a very small file ends up spending like 5 seconds finding Python. I'll check the TOML MacOS 13.3.1/ ARM
And yes, not Dockerised or anything of the sort
were both disabled... It completes roughly instantly now 🫠
I do sometimes think that we should (optionally) not force interpreter discovery even on pantsd restart, and instead have a manual way of nuking that info
you restart pantsd dramatically more often than you change python interpreters