# general


05/04/2023, 9:24 PM
I have some questions about working with multiple repos. My setup is • repo external-lib is the source for a Python package, external-lib; uses Pants • repo my-monorepo is my code, and the code here depends on external-lib; uses Pants if I want to locally develop external-lib alongside my-monorepo, how do I model that to Pants so it uses my local version of external-lib instead? Is there an equivalent to having an editable install aka defining a dependent package in development mode? End goal is to be able to run tests or scripts in my-monorepo with the local changes to external-lib. It seems a git submodule would probably get me what I want, but I was hoping to avoid that given the overhead of learning, teaching, and managing git submodules. Some options I’ve figured from the docs: 1. use python-repos.find_links to point to the local repo, and generate distributions in the external-lib repo, but that seems like a little bit of a pain to do each time I make a change and want to run tests or something 2. I did see that Pants has an option to export a venv so maybe the path, at least for running scripts, is to export a mutable venv, and do an editable install into there Are there other, better (more streamlined) options here?