Is there a way to do something like the following:...
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Is there a way to do something like the following: Say
./pants list --filter-target-type=pex_binary ::
gives me
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Can I look at all the commits that contain modifications to (transitive) dependencies of
and then get the latest one (on a given branch). I'm interested in this because I want to be able to answer the question is the latest version of
deployed. Maybe an unrelated question. If I wrap everything into a helm chart and use [helm-deployments]( is the deployment a no-op if none of the dependencies have changed?
I think you're looking for the
goal: No built-in goal does all of what you want but you can string it together in a script.
Keep in mind that goal operates now. The answer of what is the set of filedeps will of course vary in the commit history!
Thanks, I'll check that out