I admit this is somewhat vague, but we run into a ...
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I admit this is somewhat vague, but we run into a lot of problems with M1 pants and python, and thus M1 macs and pants. Many of our M1 mac users are also VSCode users, so I tried to setup a VSCode amd64 "DevContainer" Docker image. The DevContainer image ironically worked on Linux but not Mac :-/ (failure was
pants.pantsd.process_manager.ProcessManager.Timeout: exceeded timeout of 60 seconds while waiting for pantsd to start
). Does anyone have any best practices or examples for running pants from within a vscode DevContainer? (I use neither Macs nor vscode nor arm, so there is a lot of otherwise obvious context I'm probably missing.)
Is anything reported in
Unclear; the college who had that specific problem is out today. The "remote" debugging of Macs is a lot of my frustration.
(If this was a problem on my machine I think I could figure it out, or at least find the pertinent error message. I'm trying to start my colleagues with good first impressions instead of a debugging session.)
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It would be awesome if Apple would lend a hand to devs and allow running the OS in a vm legally (on non macOS hardware + host or even just on Apple hardware but not under their OS as host).
I consider them hostile for not doing so.